They really listen!

Kristine and Richard really listen to their clients! I never felt pushed but rather advised of options and there was open conversation during the process.  A positive experience all the way!

Sarah Waldron

At every step we counted on them

We highly recommend Kristine and Richard to help you buy or sell! At every step we counted on them  to guide us and to follow up appropriately with potential buyers for the house we were selling and with sellers we purchased from!  We would use them again in a heartbeat!

Justine Rosenthal and Janine Johnson

Their knowledge made our concerns disappear.

This is a letter in support of the work Kristine and Richard did assisting us to sell our Sea Ranch home. We were so grateful for the help in our quick sale. They were invaluable every step of the way as we had sold but one other home in our life. Their knowledge of the market, The Sea Ranch history and philosophy made our concerns disappear. We recommend them highly!

George and Sandy Bush

Not only found us a house, she also helped us find a life here

Kristine not only found us a house at The Sea Ranch, she also helped us find a life here. No matter what the need-roofer, exterminator, the right tenant to rent when we are not in residence, the right kibble for a food-sensitive dog–Kristine met it.

Christine and Michael Kreyling

Reassuring and positive about each detail

“Home is where the heart is.”  For this very reason the choice of a real estate agent is critical to our sense of security and alleviation of stress that can occur during such a time of change. I chose Kristine to sell my Sea Ranch home because of my trust and faith in her expertise and her knowledge. She was reassuring and positive about each detail of this transaction. We not only had a quick sale, but satisfaction all around! Big Thanks You to Kristine!

Jean Ortiz

Really cares about her clients

We have used the services of Kristine and her family spanning over 25 years of real estate purchases and sales at The Sea Ranch. Kristine is very knowledgeable about local markets and has helped us successfully negotiate many Sea Ranch transactions. She really cares about her clients.

Dick and Bonnie Piket

A Pleasure to Work With

Kristine Thomure, at Kennedy & Associates, was a pleasure to work with as she helped my wife and I find the perfect home in Sea Ranch.  Kristine is very familiar with the nuances of each area of Sea Ranch and the quirks of the area, having lived there and worked in real estate there for years.  She quickly understood the type of home we were interested in–not just in terms of size, location, or number of rooms, but also in terms of style and feel.  We could only visit on weekends but she always found time to show us properties.  When we finally found a house we loved, she helped us pick a price that just barely beat out 5 other offers.  Given the rugged coastal environment, Sea Ranch houses can have a range of issues, but Kristine was able to tell us which houses had the typical minor problems, and which had problems indicating a more serious lack of maintenance. She was very easy to work with, and also had good working relationships with the other realtors in the area, which made the escrow process go smoothly.  I highly recommend working with Kristine if you’re looking to buy or sell a house in the area.

Chris L of Mountain View

If you want True Blue

I would give 10 stars if I could to Kristine Thomure at Kennedy & Associates. She’s steeped in knowledge about The Sea Ranch and surrounding areas (Gualala, Anchor Bay, Point Arena and all the way up the coast to Caspar) since she has been doing this for many, many years. Her knowledge about available properties and the inner workings of real estate was invaluable.

Coastal Color

I happened to just walk in one afternoon on my way back to Fort Bragg, just to see what properties might be available in my price range. I wasn’t ready yet to get qualified for a loan, but I had an idea what the budget might be. She stopped what she was doing, typed in the parameters, and snap, printed out sheets of scenarios which I could take home and peruse.

Even before I got pre-qualified, we drove around for days looking at properties from Point Arena to the Sea Ranch. She was almost always available to communicate with me on some level. We’d either text (which I think we did most!), talk on the phone, or communicate via email.

What helped me throughout the entire process is thanks to what a truly a neat person she is to be around. She’s engaging, witty, sympathetic, insightful, encouraging, and very, very thoughtful. There was a point in time where I didn’t think that it was going to work out for me to be able to buy a home in the area because I was having a hard time getting access to the funds my parents had left me. But she stuck with me through that too. My situation is/was quite complex, yet she grasped the full picture and stuck with me through thick and thin.

If you want True Blue – Kristine’s the one for you

Leigh Anne. L. – The Sea Ranch