A Pleasure to Work With

Kristine Thomure, at Kennedy & Associates, was a pleasure to work with as she helped my wife and I find the perfect home in Sea Ranch.  Kristine is very familiar with the nuances of each area of Sea Ranch and the quirks of the area, having lived there and worked in real estate there for years.  She quickly understood the type of home we were interested in–not just in terms of size, location, or number of rooms, but also in terms of style and feel.  We could only visit on weekends but she always found time to show us properties.  When we finally found a house we loved, she helped us pick a price that just barely beat out 5 other offers.  Given the rugged coastal environment, Sea Ranch houses can have a range of issues, but Kristine was able to tell us which houses had the typical minor problems, and which had problems indicating a more serious lack of maintenance. She was very easy to work with, and also had good working relationships with the other realtors in the area, which made the escrow process go smoothly.  I highly recommend working with Kristine if you’re looking to buy or sell a house in the area.

Chris L of Mountain View